• Printing on the kitchen front faces

    Your kitchen will become an expression of style on the culinary art
  • Printing on furniture

    Wardrobe or a bedside table will decorate the living room and bedrooms
  • Printing on doors

    Surprise your guests with extraordinary solutions in the interior
  • Printing on the stained glass windows

    Let the house in a rave of colors and sunlight
  • Printing on wallpapers

    Photorealistic quality on the walls
  • Printing on the fabric

    Curtains will emphasize individuality of the interior
  • Printing on the tile

    Bathroom or living room floor - surprising bright colors
  • Printing on stretch ceilings

    Create the atmosphere of the jungle or savannah steppe at home
  • Printing on murals

    Create murals of famous artists of the antique period on your wall
  • Printing on items of decor

    Lamps, upholstery - all worthy of transformation
  • Printing pictures

    Replicas of Monet and Degas in full size on canvas with the effect of stroke of the paint-brush
  • Printing on souvenirs

    Surprise your loved ones with unique gifts

We will change the appearance of common things in your house

SUN Studio offers services for printing on all types of materials for decorating the interior or manufacturing souvenirs.

More about us

  • You bring us the item which appearance you want to change.
  • Our desiners will help you to choose the best illustrations.
  • And then, SUN Studio printing experts will give you back a ready-made item which you will hardly recognize.